Zoomsun vs Crown: Which Standard Pallet Jack is Better?

Zoomsun vs Crown: Which Standard Pallet Jack is Better?

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Choosing the right Standard Pallet Jack can significantly impact business operations. A well-selected pallet jack enhances productivity and reduces manual labor. Manual pallet jacks offer affordability and maneuverability in tight spaces. Electric pallet jacks boost productivity, handle heavier loads, and minimize workplace injuries. Pallet trucks move heavy loads quickly, improving efficiency. Businesses benefit from safer product movement and reduced downtime due to injuries.

Background Information



Zoomsun, a renowned material handling equipment manufacturer, started operations in 2013. The company has over ten years of experience in the industry. Based in China, Zoomsun has established itself as a leading provider of material handling equipment worldwide.


Zoomsun enjoys a strong reputation for reliability and innovation. The company’s commitment to quality and excellence has earned it recognition in over 180 countries and regions. Customers value Zoomsun for its dedication to sustainability and high industry standards.

Key Product Offerings

Zoomsun’s flagship product is the Hand Pallet Trucks. These trucks streamline the process of moving heavy loads in warehouses and distribution centers. Known for durability, efficiency, and ease of use, Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks enhance productivity and reduce manual labor. The company also offers customization options to meet specific customer needs, including ODM and OEM requirements.



Crown Equipment Corporation, based in Ohio, began operations in 1945. Initially, the company manufactured temperature controls and television antenna rotators. Crown ventured into the material handling industry and has since become a global leader. The company expanded into Australia in 1966 and Europe in 1968.


Crown Equipment Corporation holds a strong reputation for quality and efficiency. The company’s innovative solutions in material handling equipment have made it a popular choice in the market. Crown’s products are known for their durability, performance, and reliability.

Key Product Offerings

Crown offers a wide range of pallet jacks and electric pallet trucks. The PTH Series Hand Pallet Jacks feature an electrically powered hydraulic system that can lift loads up to 2,200 lbs. The WP Series Electric Pallet Jack provides power and flexibility in warehouse operations. Crown’s product line includes the PC 4500 Series center control pallet truck, which incorporates fuel cell controls and gauges.

Detailed Comparison of Standard Pallet Jacks

Detailed Comparison of Standard Pallet Jacks
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Material Quality

Standard Pallet Jack material quality impacts longevity and performance. Zoomsun uses high-grade steel for durability. Advanced welding techniques ensure structural integrity. Crown employs robust materials for its pallet jacks. The company focuses on creating resilient products.


Longevity determines the value of a Standard Pallet Jack. Zoomsun’s hand pallet trucks offer extended service life. Regular maintenance enhances their lifespan. Crown’s pallet jacks also boast impressive longevity. High-quality components reduce wear and tear.


Operational Speed

Operational speed influences warehouse productivity. Zoomsun’s hand pallet trucks facilitate swift movement. Efficient design minimizes downtime. Crown’s electric pallet jacks provide faster operations. Enhanced speed boosts overall efficiency.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption affects operational costs. Zoomsun’s manual pallet jacks require no external power. This feature reduces energy expenses. Crown’s electric pallet jacks optimize energy use. Advanced technology ensures minimal power consumption.

Ease of Use


Ergonomics improve user comfort and safety. Zoomsun designs its pallet jacks with user-friendly features. Comfortable handles reduce strain. Crown prioritizes ergonomic design as well. Adjustable controls enhance user experience.

User Interface

User interface impacts ease of operation. Zoomsun’s pallet jacks feature intuitive controls. Simple mechanisms ensure hassle-free use. Crown’s electric pallet jacks offer advanced interfaces. Digital displays provide real-time information.

Lifting Capacity

Maximum Load

A Standard Pallet Jack must handle heavy loads efficiently. Zoomsun’s hand pallet trucks boast a maximum load capacity of up to 5,500 lbs. This high capacity ensures that businesses can move large quantities of goods effortlessly. Crown’s pallet jacks, particularly the PTH Series, offer a lifting capacity of up to 2,200 lbs. This capacity suits various warehouse operations, providing flexibility and reliability.


Stability plays a crucial role in the performance of a Standard Pallet Jack. Zoomsun designs its pallet jacks with a low center of gravity, enhancing stability during operation. This design minimizes the risk of tipping over, ensuring safe handling of heavy loads. Crown’s pallet jacks also prioritize stability. The robust construction and well-balanced design contribute to secure and stable load transportation.

Customization Options

Available Features

Customization options enhance the versatility of a Standard Pallet Jack. Zoomsun offers various features, including adjustable fork lengths and widths. These features cater to different pallet sizes and shapes, providing tailored solutions for specific needs. Crown provides customization through its range of electric and manual pallet jacks. Features like powered hydraulic systems and ergonomic handles improve functionality and user experience.


Adaptability ensures that a Standard Pallet Jack meets diverse operational requirements. Zoomsun’s hand pallet trucks adapt to various industrial settings, from warehouses to distribution centers. The company’s ability to offer ODM and OEM services further enhances adaptability. Crown’s pallet jacks also excel in adaptability. The wide range of models and configurations allows businesses to choose the best fit for their unique needs.

After-Sales Service


A comprehensive warranty adds value to a Standard Pallet Jack purchase. Zoomsun provides an extensive warranty period, reflecting confidence in product quality. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures customer peace of mind. Crown offers competitive warranty terms for its pallet jacks. The warranty coverage underscores the company’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

Effective customer support is vital for maintaining a Standard Pallet Jack. Zoomsun excels in after-sales service, offering ongoing training and support. The company leverages CRM and SCM systems to enhance service quality. Crown also prioritizes customer support. The company’s dedicated service team assists with maintenance, repairs, and technical inquiries, ensuring optimal performance of pallet jacks.

Real-World Examples

Real-World Examples
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Customer Testimonials

Positive Feedback

Many customers praise Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks for their durability and ease of use. Warehouse managers appreciate the high load capacity, which reaches up to 5,500 lbs. This feature allows efficient handling of heavy goods. Users also commend the ergonomic design, which reduces physical strain during operation.

“Zoomsun’s Standard Pallet Jack has transformed our warehouse operations,” says a logistics manager from a major distribution center. “The robust construction and user-friendly features have significantly improved productivity.”

Crown’s PTH Series Hand Pallet Jacks receive positive feedback for their reliability and performance. Customers highlight the electrically powered hydraulic system, which lifts loads up to 2,200 lbs with ease. The advanced interfaces and digital displays provide real-time information, enhancing operational efficiency.

“Crown’s Standard Pallet Jack offers unparalleled stability and control,” notes a warehouse supervisor. “The electric models have streamlined our processes, making load handling faster and safer.”

Negative Feedback

Some users of Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks report occasional issues with maneuverability in extremely tight spaces. Although the trucks perform well overall, certain environments may pose challenges. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal performance, which some customers find inconvenient.

“While Zoomsun’s Standard Pallet Jack is generally reliable, navigating very narrow aisles can be tricky,” mentions a warehouse operator. “Maintenance requirements are manageable but require attention.”

Crown’s PTH Series also faces criticism regarding the initial cost. Some customers feel that the price point is higher compared to other brands. However, many acknowledge that the quality and features justify the investment.

“Crown’s Standard Pallet Jack is excellent, but the upfront cost is steep,” says a small business owner. “The performance is top-notch, but budget constraints can be an issue.”

Industry Expert Opinions

Expert Reviews

Industry experts recognize Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks for their exceptional build quality and customization options. The ability to adjust fork lengths and widths makes these trucks versatile. Experts also note the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“Zoomsun’s Standard Pallet Jack stands out for its adaptability and robust design,” states a material handling equipment analyst. “The customization options cater to diverse operational needs, making it a valuable asset.”

Crown’s PTH Series Hand Pallet Jacks receive accolades for their advanced technology and ergonomic features. The electrically powered hydraulic system and digital interfaces enhance user experience. Experts highlight the durability and performance of Crown’s products.

“Crown’s Standard Pallet Jack excels in both functionality and user comfort,” comments an industry expert. “The innovative features and reliable construction make it a preferred choice in the market.”

Comparative Analysis

A comparative analysis reveals strengths and weaknesses of both brands. Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks offer higher load capacity and extensive customization options. These trucks are ideal for businesses requiring heavy-duty performance and tailored solutions. The focus on quality and innovation ensures long-term reliability.

Crown’s PTH Series provides advanced technological features and superior ergonomics. The electrically powered hydraulic system enhances lifting efficiency. Crown’s products are suitable for operations prioritizing speed and user comfort. The initial cost may be higher, but the long-term benefits justify the investment.

“Both Zoomsun’s Standard Pallet Jack and Crown’s Standard Pallet Jack have unique advantages,” concludes a logistics consultant. “Choosing the right one depends on specific operational needs and budget considerations.”

The comparison between Zoomsun and Crown reveals distinct advantages for each Standard Pallet Jack. Zoomsun’s Hand Pallet Trucks excel in load capacity and customization, offering up to 5,500 lbs of lifting power. Crown’s PTH Series stands out with advanced technology and ergonomic design, providing reliable performance and user comfort.


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